About The Show

The Bruce Latimer Show is global live streamed, taped, & broadcast live once a month on a Wednesday night at 9:00 pm from the studio of Pacific Coast Television in Pacifica, California.  Studio Audience is welcome!

There's a meaning in all we do.  The show has been sort of a show with a certain meaningful reality.      


Since the beginning in 1989 it was clear what I needed was a live prime time musical variety show but without the phony dollar bill, host or hostess.  We wanted to dig in regarding folks' interviews.  I wanted freedom to speak my mind and the minds of all guests. We wanted a certain other truth to any subject and the openness to free up independence.            


Now after nearly thirty years we are coming upon 1,000 live shows.  This is a tiny number in today's ideology in the billions and trillions. However, when one breaks it down, well it's monumental!  Think about it, you or others going on the other side of commercial or PBS.  None have "outlasted us". we've been in a league by ourselves.  Always being called "Public TV, or no good etc.". Certainly, there are shows not living up to a "standard", so what!  Getting down to the nitty gritty, all people have their so called 15 minutes of Fame--the known, the unknown, etc. And now with ten more episodes to 1,000 shows and a stroke, bypass surgery, ileostomy, and basically renewing our website after doing zero since 2007 thru 2018! Nada! Zip!  It's difficult to follow nothing, but it's okay.  It's a rebirth of why we do this thing called live TV.

I'm the youngest male in my family, which consisted of one girl and five boys.  All have died (except myself) and thru the years looking back on our growing up years.  I remember well, watching a new phenomenon called television.  I was totally absorbed by what I thought television could be...a learning experience for the masses!  Shows were live, no commercials, no talking heads, no bullshit!  Well, of course you know how things turned out.  Honestly, it's very political, very easy to see how many toilet paper users buy associated products, etc., etc., etc.  It's part of the dumbing down of citizens.  If a politician raises or lowers his voice, it may start disobedience or whatever.  I've always called it bullshit.  So, one person like me has been the winner and the loser in this gig.  I'm okay with that.  I have not, I can not be a part of a decomposing of the minds of ourselves and our citizenry.