Forever Alive In Our Hearts

Paul H. Taylor 11/05/1950----11/11/2018

Paul left us with extraordinary memories. We were very sad to hear Paul H. Taylor had gone on. Paul was a super fine songwriter, educator, and vocalist of his group "Paul H. Taylor And Montara Mountain Boys". He came out in the world raring to go...even polio didn't take him down. What a voice. He had a huge love for music. Paul was always saying "call us if you get in a jam". After I got home from the hospital, he'd call and give me words to live by.

Albert John Lewis aka Al Rapone 06/26/1936----08/30/2018

Also a dear friend, the folks responsible for getting out Cajun and Zydeco music. Al Rapone came from a long line of musicians (including his sister Queen Ida). What a showman, what a band leader. He dressed the part with his black rimmed hat, kerchief, fancy shirt, dark pants, and of course his squeeze box and guitar. Al was the real thing. He came into my existence in late 80's and 90's. Al lived life to it's fullest. He was a fine chef, humorist, public speaker. He was Louisianian all the way, from his cooking, to his life, to his music. Al never forgot his Louisiana roots after being raised in San Francisco. Everybody loved his "New" music. His friendly, devilish demeanor charmed me. Al was a "Giver" ie his music, his way of offering to help me anyway he could in getting the show up and rolling.

Marty Balin 01/30/1942----09/27/2018

I was blitzed at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Hearing the Airplane's Marty Balin's solo with Slick, vocal style was beautiful. I was simply shocked that any man could be gifted with such an extra ordinary voice. I was very confused and now he's gone. He's left big time memories from the hey day early in the musical hippy scene. I'm pleased to have been around some of those times. Marty was, of course so much more than a musician. He did so much of the leg work of the early Jefferson Airplane...

Coming at a later date.